2017 (2018)


1th Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival Vienna, July 7 - 12, 2017

Soutěžní festival mladých sborů a orchestrů ve Vídni se koná pod patronací Rakouské komise UNESCO. Podrobnosti - formulář přihlášky, podmínky soutěže aj. najdete na adrese: www.viamusica.org, nebo kontaktujte: office@sclfestival.org; juergen.partaj@sclfestival.org.

   10. ročníku, který se koná ve dnech 1.- 6. 7. 2016, se zúčastní více než 1300 mladých hudebníků - zpěváků a instrumentalistů  z 25 souborů ze 13 zemí - Austrálie, Číny, čínské Taipei, Hong Kongu, Itálie, Izraele, Japonska, Maďarska, Německa, Rakouska, Španělska, Thaiska a USA.


     35. International Choral Festival of Preveza, 23. International Choral Competition, 6.- 9. 7. 2017, Preveza, Řecko 

     Syllabus 2017.pdf (1,3 MB)

Dear friends, 
Preveza is easily accessible through the international airport of Aktion
(PVK), which is only 5km away from the city centre. 
After April, you can find a great number of low cost airlines with
charter flights from main European cities directly to the airport. 
For more information, visit:

Warm regards,
On behalf of The Organising Committee
Kosmas Koronaios
Festival Commissioner
+ 30 6977 132 107
E-mail: prevezachoralfestival@gmail.com or armonia4@otenet.gr 



Dear Presidents,
Dear Choir Directors,
Dear Choristers,

We are inviting you to register to the 53rd MONTREUX CHORAL FESTIVAL which will take place from Wednesday 19th till Saturday 22nd April 2017. Our website www.choralfestival.ch  will give you more details on our Festival.
Please note that the NONTREUX CHORAL FESTIVAL offer a substantial financial subsidy for your accommodation costs.
We will be happy to welcome you to the Montreux Riviera region.

The Executive Committee
Grand'Rue 92 / 3ème
CP 1526
Tel:  +41 21 966 55 50
Fax: +41 21 966 55 69
E-mail:         montreuxchoralfestival@bluewin.ch
Web:    www.choralfestival.ch
Propozice MCF
Změny termínů některých u našich sborů oblíbených zahraničních soutěžních festivalů

14. - 18. Oktober, 2017 | Riva del Garda (Italien)

Pole pro přílohy
Při této sborové soutěži byly nově otevřeny kategorie pro sbory seniorů.
5.- 9. Juli 2017, Řím, Itálie
Verpasst nicht den Early Bird und profitiert von den Angeboten!

Další termíny mezinárodních festivalů a soutěží "Meeting Music" v letech 2017 a 2018
14. Concorso Corale Internazionale, 25.- 29. 3. 2018, Riva del Garda, Itálie
14. Venezia in Musica, 28. 4.- 2. 5. 2017, Caorle/Venedig, Itálie
4. PER MUSICAM AD ASTRA, 25.- 29. 6. 2017, Toruň, Polsko 
3. International Choral Celebration + Laurea Mundi Budapest, 18.- 22. 5. 2018, Budapest, Maďarsko
16. Budapest International Choir Festival and Competition, 9.- 13. 4. 2017, Budapest, Maďarsko
Salzburger Choral Celebration and Competition, 14.- 19. 6. 2017, Salzburg, Rakousko
meeting music
Konrad Adenauer Strasse 36
Pohlheim 35415
MusiCultur Travel GMBH,
info@musicultur.com, tel.: 0228/289860-11/-12
Nabídka mezinárodních sborových festivalů a soutěží v roce 2017
Festival di Verona 2017 - 19.- 23. 4. 2017, Verona, Itálie
International Choirfestival Antwerp 2017 - 28. 4.- 1. 5. 2017, Antverpy, Belgie
International Toscan Music and Choirfestival - 15.- 18. 6. 2017, Montecatini, Itálie
International Choirfestival "Alta Pusteria 2017 - 21.- 25. 6. 2017, Montecatini, Jižní Tyrolsko (Itálie)
International Cantus Music and Culture Festival and Choir Festival "Meet Mozart Sazburg 2017 - 29. 6.- 2. 7. 2017, Slazburg, Rakousko
World Peace Choral Festival (dětské a mládežnické sbory) - 25.- 30. 7. 2017, Vídeň, Rakousko
Internationales Sängerfest Kärtnten 2017 - začátek září 2017, Wolfsberg, Rakousko
Internationales Kinder- und Jugendchorfestival "Song and the City" Berlin 2017 - začátek října 2017, Berlín, Německo
Internationales Chorfestival Nizza, Cote d´Azur 2017 - okolo 15. 10. 2017, Nice, Francie
Internationales Adventsingen Wien 2017 - 30. 11.- 4. 12. 2017, Vídeň, Rakousko
 Zajímavá nabídka k účasti na mezinárodních nesoutěžních hudebních festivalech (pro pěvecké sbory a orchestry) v roce 2017

MRF Music Festivals, info@mrf-musicfestivals.com

Garant: Fördrvrein "Pro musica" International,(společnost pro podporu mezinárodního hudebního života Baden-Baden, promusica@qmx.net

6. Roma Music Festival, Řím, Itálie, 8.- 12. 3. 2017

7. Istra Music Festival, Poreč, Istria, 19.- 23. 4. 2017

6. Costa Brava Music Festival, Lloret de Mar, Španělsko, 27.4.- 1. 5. 2017

8. Venezia Music Festival, Benátky a Jesolo, 24.- 28. 5. 2017

3. Budapest Music Festival, Budapešt, Maďarsko, 28. 6.- 2. 7. 2017

9. Toscana Music Festival, Toskánsko, Itálie, 19..- 23. 7. 2017

8. Prague Music Festival, Praha, Česká republika, 6.- 10. 9. 2017

7. Paris Music Festival, Paříž, Francie, 16.- 20. 8. 2017

9. Cracovia Music Festival, Krakov, Polsko, 27. 9.- 1. 10. 2017

11. Lago di Garda Music Festival, Lago di Garda, Itálie 11.- 15. 10. 2017

4. Vienna Music Festival, Vídeň, Rakousko, 27.- 30. 10. 2017

6. Badenia Advent Music Festival, Baden-Baden, Německo, 8.- 11. 12. 2017


The 33rd Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest (Japan)

Dear Choir, Conductor, Choral Friends,Greetings from Takarazuka, Japan!

It is our pleasure this time to inform you that we will hold the 33rd Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest on Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23, 2017. We would like you to know about this contest, and also about preliminary screening for participation, therefore we attached the file of details for applicants. We would be very happy if you could inspect it and notify choirs who have interest in the contest.

We are sincerely looking forward to receiving applications for preliminary screening.

For the details, please see the website below.


Takarazuka International Chamber chorus Contest Committee

33rd Conditions of Participation.pdf (99,3 kB)


IV. Children-Youth Choral World Cup in St-Petersburg 2017

Dear friends!

         We invite you to take part in the IV. Children-Youth Choral World Cup in St-Petersburg, since 22. till 26. 02. 2017.
The participants: choirs of different Russian regions, the nearest and father foreign countries.
The age of participants: from 7 to 25 years (inclusive).
The number of singers in the choir: at least 14 persons, maximum is not limited.
In the programme: showbill concerts in Cathedrals and Halls of St. Petersburg, rehearsals of mater choirs.

The content of the jury: Russian and foreign specialists. There are delegates of choral

Associations among it, the guests of the Festival, managers of international festivals and educators of different Hgh schools.
This unique and the only one Holiday of choral artistry has the lofty and the rewarding purpose - to identify and support the talanted children and youth, to attach the young musicans to moral inheritance and world singing culture through the art of choral singing.
You can contact with us or simply fill the application form.

e-mail: interaspect@mail.ru
Waiting for you, dear friends! See you in St. Petersburg!
Best regards.
               Coordinator of the festival
               Russia, St.Petersburg


35th International Choral Festival of Preveza - Newsletter 2

Dear friends,
You are all welcomed to join the International Choral Festival of
Preveza. Preveza will welcome choirs from all over the world for the
35th successive year.
The festival is organised by Choral Society "Armonia" of Preveza, which
is a non-profitable cultural association.
Each chorister has to pay only 30EUR for their participation, while each
participating choir arranges and books their accommodation on their own.
Preveza is a friendly touristic destination which combines low prices
with high quality of services.
Apply now and benefit directly from the very low prices!!!

Warm regards,

On behalf of The Organising Committee

Kosmas Koronaios
Festival Commissioner
+ 30 6977 132 107
E-mail: prevezachoralfestival@gmail.com or armonia4@otenet.gr 
7th International Wroclaw Choir Festival "Vratislavia Sacra", 8.- 11. 6. 2017
Rules of 7th International Wroclaw Choir Festival ”Vratislavia Sacra” - Wroclaw (Poland) 2-4.06.2017
I. General Information 
1. The festival is organised by MELODY in cooperation with Society of Chamber Male Choir Cantilena
2. The festival will take place from 2 nd to 4 th June 2017 (Friday-Sunday) in Wroclaw according to the following schedule: Thursday 1.06.2017 or Friday 2.06.2017 Arrival in Wroclaw. In the evening possible additional concerts Saturday 3.06.2017 9.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m. Competition in categories In the evening choirs will be asked to perform joint concert with another choirs Sunday 4.06.2017 Mass participation with singing in Wroclaw churches. 5.00 p.m. Final concert, announcement of results, and handing out the prizes. In the evening possible additional concerts 5.06.2017 Return home or continue the stay in Poland and concerts in other towns. 
3. The festival is open for all amateur choirs. 
4. Choirs may participate in following categories:
     A1. Mixed choirs - large choirs over 24 singers - all singers must be above 18 years old. 
     A2. Mixed choirs - chamber choirs 16-24 singers - all singers must be above 18 years old. 
      B. Equal voices choirs - adults (male, female) all singers must be above 18 years old. – minimum 12 singers 
      C. Youth choirs -13-19 years old - minimum 20 singers 
      D. Children choirs 6-14 years old - minimum 20 singers 
      E. Orthodox Church Music - minimum 12 singers 
      F. Spirituals and Gospel (music of English and American Churches origin) – minimum 12 singers 
      X. Non-competitive choirs - take part in concerts and gala concert In all categories 5% of the singers may be older or younger than above requirements 
5. All singers must be amateurs. This rule does not apply to conductors. 
6. Choirs can take part maximum in 2 categories. 
7. The time of the performance (including getting on and off stage) is maximum 15 minutes. Please plan the repertoire of duration maximum 13 minutes, and 2 minutes for walking on/off and breaks. Choirs singing longer will be penalised by the jury. 
8. Each choir in category A-D prepares the repertoire consisting of 4 sacred songs. Minimum 2 songs must be performed a cappella. a) sacred song composed till 1800 b) sacred song composed between year 1800 and 1945 . c) 20th/21st century sacred song d) freely chosen sacred song 
9. In category E choirs present varied program of 4 sacred songs of orthodox church origin. All songs performed a cappella. 
10. In category F choirs must present 4 spirituals/gospel - piano or organ accompaniment is allowed with all songs. High quality electronic piano will be provided. It’s not allowed to use voice amplification. Organizers do not provide extra time or technical support to use other instruments. If other instruments are going to be used they must be carried in by the choir within the performance time. 
1. The performances of the choirs will be evaluated by Jury consisted of 5 experienced musicians. Jury members are shown on our web page. 
2. Jury evaluates: intonation, voice emission, interpretation, diction and general artistic effect.
3. The decisions of Jury are final and shall not be appealed 
4. The jury taking into account the artistic reasons may not award some prizes. 
1. In each category there are the following prizes : I place – Golden Diploma II place – Silver Diploma III place - Bronze Diploma Among the Golden Diploma winners there will be awarded: GRAND PRIX for the best choir - statuette of St Cecilia 
2. Jury may select also the best conductor of the festival 
3. All choirs which don’t receive any prizes will get the diploma of successful participation in festival. 
IV. Organizing Information 
1. The choirs are responsible for eventual copy rights of scores used during the performance at the festival. 
2. Choirs will be asked to sing at concerts which accompany the festival. The concerts would be mostly in Wroclaw Churches on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Please prepare 20 minutes sacred program. 
3. The base for participation in the festival is submission of application form with attachments till The applications should be sent by 15.12.2016 to: MELODY Ogrodowa 27A 05-509 JOZEFOSLAW POLAND or by e-mail na info@vratislaviasacra.pl 
4. To the application there must be attached copy of the registration fee which is 100 Euro for the Choir for each category. The fee must be paid to the account no. PL88 1090 1694 0000 0001 1554 3717 (SWIFT): WBKPPLPP Bank: Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. ul. Rynek 9/11,50-950 Wroclaw. POLAND Holder of Account MELODY, Ogrodowa 27A, 05-500 Piaseczno, POLAND " please write in title name of your choir”. The amount we shall get net (you pay all transfer fees). Registration fee will be returned if choir is not qualified. Choirs who resign from participation will not receive compensation. 
5. The decision if the choir is qualified to take part in festival will be given till 15.01.2017 
6. The choirs are responsible to cover all travel and accommodation costs during the festival 
7. For organisational reasons (concerts, costs of festival, shortage of hotel rooms in Wroclaw etc.) all choirs arrange accommodation through our festival office. The prices of accommodation and meals are published in application form. The 50% deposit for your accommodation is due 3 months before festival. 
8. Questions please direct by email: info@vratislaviasacra.pl, tel. +48226416157 or +48 603 36 16 16
e-mail: mail@interkultur.com; www.interkultur.com
1- 5. 2. 2017 - Fest der Chorkulturen, Grand P"rix of Nations, Berlin Germany
16.- 20. 2. 2017  - SING´N´JOY PRINCETON, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
19.- 23. 4. 2017 - Voices for Peace International Choir Festival, Assisi, Italy
26.- 30. 4. 2017 - Canta en Primavera, Málaga, Spain
7.- 11. 6. 2017 - Vietnam International Choir Competition, Hoi An, Vietnam
14.- 18. 6. 2017 - Anton-Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival, Linz, Austria
5.- 9. 7. 2017 - Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition, Wernigerode, Germany
16.- 23. 7. 2017 - Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017 and European Choir Games, Riga, Latvia
9. 9.- 8. 10 2017 - Istramusica, Poreč, Croatia
11.- 15. 10. 2017 - Kalamata Choir Competitiom and Festival, Kalamata, Greece
21.- 28. 10. 2017 - Asia Pacific Choir Games, Colombo, Sri Lanka
25.- 29. 10. 2017 - Canta al Mar, Calella and Barcelona, Spain
1.- 5. 11. 2017 - Miami Voice, Miami, Florida, USA

Festival di Primavera 2017

international festival for school,
children's and youth choirs

let's start organising your coming to Italy:
a singing spring is waiting for you!

A Festival that turns into a big choral event every year more, with 1500 participants per year! In 2017 we are working to give you an even better experience! In Montecatini Terme (Tuscany) choirs will sing for two long weekends.
20 - 22 April 2017
primary and junior high schools’ choirs and children’s choirs (aged 6-13)
26 - 29 April 2017
high schools’ and youth choirs (aged 14-19)

The Festival focuses are training, sharing experiences and meeting new realities. The days in the festival will pass attending ateliers, enjoying relaxing moments, concerts and having a lot of fun!
Renown Italian and foreign lecturers will guarantee a high quality offer for the young participants and for their conductors.
For information visit our website: www.feniarco.it
The application form is available at the following link


ATELIERS for children's choirs (aged 6-13)

lecturer: Sanna Valvanne (Finland-USA)
All the colors of the Mediterranen Sea
lecturer: Josep Vila (Catalonia-Spain)
Musica, mestro!
lecturer: Ennio Bertolotti (Italy)
Scores for the future
lecturer: Luigina Stevenin (Italy)
'O sole mio: Italian folk songs
lecturer: Giuseppe Lazzazzera (Italy)
My way
lecturer: Fabio Pecci (Italy)

Can't adults sings? Yes, we can!
Happy to sing! (atelier for adults)
lecturer: Fabio De Angelis (Italy)

ATELIERS for youth choirs
(aged 14-19)

Misa a Buenos Aires / Misatango
lecturer: Virginia Bono (Argentina)
From Bach to Calipso
lecturer: Michael Gohl (Svizzera)
A woman in Love
lecturer: Petra Grassi (Italy)
Rent - measure life with love
lecturers: Paolo Zaltron e Isabella Astegiano (Italy)
Italy's flavours
lecturer: Simone Faraoni (Italy)

Information and applications
Feniarco - Federazione Nazionale Italiana Associazioni Regionali Corali
Via Altan, 83/4 - 33078 San Vito al Tagliamento (Pn) - Italy
tel. +39 (0)434 876724 - festivaldiprimavera@feniarco.it



4.SICF 2017 - Singapore International Choral Festival and Competition, 12.- 15. 7. 2017

Dear competitor and conductor,

The 4th Singapore International Choral Festival will be held July 12-15, 2017, and I would like to invite you to participate in this choral music event! Apart from having the opportunity to perform at the top performing venues in Singapore, we also hope that the choirs will be able to share the joy of music through the art of singing.

As in previous years, the artistic director of the 4th Singapore International Choir Festival is Miss Tan Sau Lai of the Singapore Cultural Medal. She will lead the chorus from all over the world to provide the choral festival with the choral instructors and share their knowledge and experience with the participants.

In the past few choral festivals, we have seen very good and distinctive choirs from the region participating, and this year is no exception. I sincerely invite you to come to the 4th Singapore International Choral Festival to share the joy and joy of choral art with the world. Hope to see you in Singapore! 

Sincerely Linai Hui 
International Choral Festival Chairman of Singapore.

Choir competition

Grand Prix

The choral competition will be contested by the category winner and the judges recommended by the judges. The chorus will be held on July 15, 2017 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. The group participating in the choral competition must sing two songs, one of which must be a song not sung before the competition. Two songs limited to ten minutes.

The choir must prepare seven songs for the jury.

info@sicf.sg; www.sicf.sg



Krekov trg 3 SI - 3000 Celje Tel. +3863 / 4287930, 4287936 Fax: +3863 / 4287931

Email: tic@celje.si, nenad.first@celje.si www.celeia.info

 32 nd INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CHOIR FESTIVAL Celje, Slovenia, May 10 – 14, 2017

Competition of Children’s, Youth and Girl’s Choirs * Concerts * Open Singing * Workshops * Round Tables * Exhibiton * Closing concert of joined choirs




54. Internationaler Chorwettbewerb, Schloss Porcia, Spittal/Drau, Kärnten, Austria, 6.- 9. 7. 2017

www. chorbewerb-spittal.at/ausschreibung.html 

Podání přihlášek do 31. 1. 2017!



European Grand Prix for Choral Singing

V roce 1988 vznikla myšlenka soutěže o Evropskou Grand Prix sborového zpěvu. Dohodli se na ní pořadatelé pěti mezinárodních festivalů s bohatou tradicí – Concorso Polifónico Guido d´Arezzo (Itálie), Béla Bartók International Choir Competition, Debrecen (Maďarsko), International Competition Gallus, Maribor (Slovinsko), Florilege  Vocal de Tours (Francie) a Concorso Internazionale di Canto Corale „Seghizzi“ Gorizia, (Itálie). Polední z těchto festivalů později z úlohy pořadatelů vymizel, ale od roku 1989 zbývající čtveřici doplnily ještě další dva významné festivaly – International May Choir Competition „Prof. G. Dimitrov“, Varna (Bulharsko) a Certamen Coral de Tolosa (Španělsko). V pořádání Evropské Grand Prix sborového zpěvu se pořadatelé každoročně střídají. V letošním roce je se uskuteční ve španělské Tolose. Získat toto ocenění se dosud žádnému z českých sborů nepodařilo. Mezi 27 vítězi z dosavadních 28 ročníků (v roce 1990 nebyl vítěz vyhlášen) je 7 sborů ze Švédska, po 3 sborech z Litvy, Slovinska a USA, po 2 z Maďarska, Filipín a Lotyšska a po 1 pak z Argentiny, Dánska, Japonska, Ruska a Itálie.

            Na některé z těchto soutěžních festivalů je možné zkusit se ještě přihlásit, jiné mají již termín pro podání přihlášek uzavřen.

21.- 23. 4. 2017 – International Choral Competition Gallus 2017, Maribor; https://www.jskd.sl/maribor/...choir-and-musical-programmes.html

11.- 14. 5. 2017 – International May Choral Competition „Prof. Georgi Dimitrov“ 2017, Varna; office@choircomp.org; https://www.choircomp.org/eng/; přihlášky do 5. 2. 2017

26.- 28. 5. 2017 – Florilege Vocal de Tours 2017; contact@florilegevocal.comwww.florilege.vocal.free.fr

24.- 27. 8. 2017 – Concorso Polifónico Guido d´Arezzo; arezzochoralcompetition@gmail.com; www.polifonico.org /.../arezzo­_choral_competition_august_24-27; přihlášky do 15. 4. 2017

1.- 5. 11. 2017 – Certamen Coral de Tolosa; www. cittolosa.com/


(Béla Bartók International Choir Competition se v roce 2017 nekoná.)



Připomenutí pozvání na festival IN... CANTO SUL GARDA, 14.- 18. 10 2017

Uzávěrka přihlášek  - 31. 3. 2017

Riva del Garda!

Ein kleines Juwel am Gardasee lädt euch zum Kommen und Musizieren ein!
Fühlt Euch herzlich von Enrico Miaroma, künstlerischer Leiter von In... Canto sul Garda eingeladen. Singt mit Chören der Region und anderen  in einem fairen Wettbewerb und seid wesentlicher Teil bei meeting in music Freundschaftskonzerten in Arco und Riva del Garda. Zieht das Publikum in den Bann der Chormusik!
Unser erfahrenes Team und die ChorsängerInnen des Trentino wissen genau, was Sänger und Teilnehmer bei einem internationalen Event suchen! Lasst euch beim Musizieren unter Gleichgesinnten mitreißen, macht mit in verschiedenen Kategorien für junge, erwachsene und jung gebliebene Sänger!

Singt! und nutzt die aktive Arbeit mit internationalen Chorexperten in verschiedenen Festival-Aktivitäten und trefft andere
aus der ganzen Welt bei
In…Canto sul Garda
14. -18.  Oktober 2017.

Genießt die freie Zeit bei einem Spaziergang in der Innenstadt und lasst euch von der Geschichte der Stadt, seinen kleinen Plätzen und Straßen verzaubern.
Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Weitere Informationen zur Anmeldung findet Ihr hier - meldet auch bis zum 31. März  2017 an und profitiert von unseren Angeboten!

Bis bald,

Piroska und Gábor
meeting music

"Musik ist Nahrung und lebenselixier. Musik verschönert das Leben um Vielfaches". Zoltán Kodály
Nach einem erfolgreichen Start,  nun die Fortsetzung im Jahr 2018. Wir kommen wieder zurück nach Budapest, in das Land der Kodály-Methode. Grund genug die Chormusik zu zelebrieren, Erfahrungen mit anderen Chören zu teilen und eine großartige Idee zu verbreiten, denn wie Kodály sagte: "Musik sollte allen gehören!"

Kommt und seid Teil vom Festival oder dem Wettbewerb. Folgt unserer Einladung in den  Palast der Künste und singt auf dieser weltberühmten Bühne in der ungarischen Hauptstadt Budapest:

3. Budapest International Choral Celebration
Laurea Mundi Grand Prix der Chormusik
& International Open Competition
Budapest – Ungarn
18 – 22 Mai 2018

Zögert nicht und findet euch wieder in verschiedenen Kategorien in der Open Competition, für die mit weniger Erfahrungen auf internationalen Bühnen. Oder im Grand Prix, für diejenigen, die sich durch ihre Ergebnisse in anderen internationalen Wettbewerben bereits qualifiziert haben.
Seid Teilnehmer spannender Workshops, singt im Festivalchor begleitet vom Dohnányi Budafok Orchester und profitiert von anderen typischen 
meeting music Aktivitäten.

Piroska und Gábor

meeting music


1. Medzinárodný festival a súťaž zborového umenia Žilina - Voce Magna, 4.- 7. 10. 2017


Vážení a milí priatelia zborového spevu.

     Po niekoľkoročných skúsenostiach z organizovania medzinárodného festivalu Voce magna a hlavne priaznivých odozvách zo strany hosťujúcich speváckych zborov a ich dirigentov, sme sa rozhodli tento rok po prvý-krát dať možnosť zúčastniť sa väčšiemu počtu telies, a to na súťažnej časti festivalu.

  1. ročník medzinárodnej súťaže je tu pre vás, pre tých, čo si chcú zasúťažiť v reprezentatívnych priestoroch koncertnej sály, pre tých, čo chcú svojím krásnym spevom očariť medzinárodnú odbornú porotu a vyhrať niektorú z finančných cien, ale aj pre tých, čo majú záujem vypočuť si špičkovú kvalitu zborov nesúťažného festivalu na večerných koncertoch.  

     Spolu s celým organizačným tímom sa teším na stretnutie s vami v Žiline - na výnimočnom podujatí zborového spevu Voce magna 2017.

 Doc. Štefan Sedlický, ArtD. 

umelecký riaditeľ Voce Magna



Pozvánka na polské sborové festivaly POLONIA CANTAT 2017 - 2018

13. International Warsaw Choir Fesrtival VARSOVIA CANTAT, 20.- 22. 10. 2017 / 19..- 21. 10. 2018


3. Warsaw Advent and Christmas Choir Festival, 1.- 3. 12. 2017 / 30. 11.- 2. 12. 2018

https://www.inyourpocket.com › Warsaw

8. Krakow Advent and Christmas Choir Festival, 8.- 10. 12. 2017 / 7.- 9. 12. 2018


7. International Gdansk Choir Festival, 9.- 11. 3. 2018


7. International Wroclaw Choir Festival VRATISLAVIA SACRA, 1.- 3. 6. 2018


9. International Krakow Choir Festival CRACOVIA CANTANS, 7.- 10. 6. 2018




International Choral Art Contest Festival CHRISTMAS STAR, 24.-27. 11. 2017, Tallinn, Estonsko

(značně opožděné pozvání, přihlášky je však možné stále podat)

2017 Christmas Star 2017_en.doc (85,5 kB)









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